Fifo Capital; Working capital when you need it. Fast

24 hour application approval. 4 hour transfers. With over 60 Fifo Capital offices in Australia, we 're one of the fastest and most flexible funding solutions in Australia.

Cash flow to grow your businessAll over Australia, business owners are always looking for ways to access instant and flexible working capital. Their customers continue to take 30, 60 days or even longer to pay their invoices. The problem is, that company bills, staff salaries, superannuation, GST payments and paying suppliers often can't wait. In short, they have the asset, locked up in their client's invoices, but they don’t have the funds when they need it.

Businesses can now receive instant payment for outstanding invoices using Fifo Capital.

Our clients are using our services to fund new contracts and projects, importing goods, purchase order funding, and more. Many use our fast funding to negotiate better payment terms with their suppliers - imagine what you could do if you were paid the moment you raise your
invoices and the sorts of terms you could negotiate with your suppliers.

How does Fifo Capital work? Can it work for my business?

This short video explains how the equity in any outstanding invoices owed to you can be turned into fast working capital in as little as 24hrs. Approval is fast and easy.



What Makes Fifo Capital Different?

Working capital when you need it

Fifo Capital’s primary business objective is to help small business owners achieve their business goals. In the private sector, over 50% of the Australian population are currently employed by a small business.

These are the sorts of businesses that feel the pinch when the economy shows signs of slowing down. As the public begins to spend less, and the larger businesses impose self-managed austerity measures to better monitor their cash flow, it is typically the small businesses that suffer.

This leads to downsizing of staff, forced closures and even forced selling of the business,
or worse still bankruptcy being declared.

Fifo Capital uses an innovative, no fuss approach to helping small business regain some
of their cash flow. There are no long-term contracts or real estate security required.